About Us

Electronic Impact is based in Auckland, New Zealand and provides electronic design sub-contracting and consultancy services, mainly to clients in Australia and New Zealand.

We have been involved for many years in all aspects of electronic engineering, from the fabrication of printed circuit cards to the management of a manufacturing company, so we fully appreciate the importance of developing products with cost-effective, quality-orientated assembly and testing in mind.

Our present speciality is the development of hardware and embedded software for fuel distribution equipment, specifically intrinsically safe apparatus to meet IEC 60079 requirements.

Safety and quality approvals, and the associated compliance assessment processes, are an integral part of this type of development.  We have built up a high level of expertise in this area, especially with regard to IECEx.

A solid background in the design and in-circuit testing of HF, UHF and VHF communication equipment for military personnel and aircraft, for which high standards of quality and reliability are of paramount importance, sets the benchmark for our work.

Please consult our Services and Projects pages to see what we can do for you, or call us to discuss how your product can become a reality.