Electronic Impact can provide you with analogue and digital circuit designs to interface micro-controllers to:

• keypads
• various types of displays
• analogue to digital convertors
• digital to analogue convertors
• serial communications such as RS232, RS485, USB and fibre-optic
• temperature measurement devices
• etc.

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Development projects of note -

Intrinsically safe electronic retail/commercial fuel pump register

Transponder Technologies’ bus-based modular fuel distribution system has qualified for approval under the IEC 60079 specification. The T5 Electronics Intrinsically Safe Equipment is IECEx-certified and designed for flexibility in diverse service station forecourt and fleet management situations. It allows for retro-fit of some components to older petrol pumps.  Development of this system, and our working relationship with Transponder Technologies, is ongoing.

Intrinsically safe safety control system

A product designed for the fuel distribution industry, with the requirements of explosion prevention technology in mind, to interface with truck and gantry equipment in order to detect over fill, prevent product mix and ensure load integrity and safe product discharge.

Intrinsically safe electronic bulk fuel register

Metermatic’s award-winning fuel distribution system, marketed by Dupleix Liquid Meters, converts rotary information from a flow meter to electronic pulses and is qualified for use in hazardous environments.  Designed specifically for bulk fuel distribution via tankers and oil depots, the system can be networked for depot automation and can interface to peripheral equipment such as additive injectors and thermal sensors.  Accuracy is achieved through fully programmable multi-calibration factors and the system allows for electronic temperature compensation.  This equipment passed stringent EMI/RFI, bump, vibration and temperature Environmental Testing, and complies with requirements of the local Weights and Measures authority.

Smart card readers

Experimentation at the forefront of smart card technology, and associated computer interfacing for access control.

Communication control and display equipment

Hardware and embedded software development for the initial communication control and display equipment on a South African military armed response aircraft, the Rooivalk helicopter.

HF, UHF and VHF communication equipment for military personnel and aircraft.